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Our main motto is “We Exist if you grow”. We strengthen our CUSTOMERS by providing them Global Quality services at local rates. We provide our customers customized solutions so they can achieve their objectives fast and effectively.


Our range of services includes:




Selling on Internet is selling globally!! All you need are sellable products and/ or services supported by payment gateway mechanisms. ASCII Cart supports all your needs comprehensively. The product has been professionally developed and designed as per your personal touch and target customers/ clients. The produce is secure, scalable on .NET platform with continuous development efforts to improve quality and addition of more features. The solution is not rigid rather flexible and is able to accommodate selling of different kinds of products.



Our goal to help you succeed online by producing you a website that will dominate your competition, our professional creative team has the expertise to produce an effective search engine optimized website.

  • Create a dynamic website that is constantly updated to stay ahead of competitors.
  • Design a website that is consistent with your corporate image and branding.
  • Get your website ranked on page 1 of search engines, making it easy to find.
  • Customers and clients will click your company’s website before any of your competitors.

We specialize in providing the best of the class web services at down to earth prices. Among some principal services that we provide are:


Domain Booking Services:


We book the domain for you. Just send us a mail asking us to book the domain for you.




Our web hosting solutions include custom packages, built from years of website development experience, to meet the requirements of the typical hosting client. We provide best of the servers’ at most competitive prices. If you book more than 500 Mb of hosting space with us, you get choice to get one domain absolutely free for one year.

  •  Maintenance is easier and faster
  • Our designers/engineers are intimately familiar with your site/application and can provide immediate assistance


Site Analysis and Search Engine Optimization:


Search engines hate bugs. They hate sites with no relevant keywords on which they are unable to decide about site classification. Get your site analyzed through us and see the difference to the site traffic flowing to you. Unlike some of our worthy competitors, we don't use robots and scripts but do hand submission for you, where required. Our site optimization package would make difference to your sites ranking.


Custom and ready made web scripts:


Ask us for ready made scripts for your site. Starting from US$ 10 onwards to no limit for a custom made design especially for you. We sell scripts on multi-sale basis, single license basis depending upon your budget and needs.


Link Exchange and popularity :


We can buy or sell links for your site. Only high quality links are traded.


Web Templates:


Ask us for full catalogue of web templates that suit your business. We have in our inventory a large range of templates to suit the need of your industry. If you have any custom template in mind, let us know, we develop one for you in no time.


Ascii Systems Inc.


Shared Web Hosting is an economical, flexible solution for both individuals and small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish themselves on the Internet.



Company History

ASCII SYSTEMS is based in VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA. We offer complete web design, web hosting services and E-Commerce solutions mainly in all over the world. We deliver expert solutions for small, medium and large projects, based on the client’s goals to bring their vision to life. For years of work throughout the world, we've acquired experience that will be needed to create a useful, attractive and professional website. All this comes with support and reasonable prices.


We have some of the brightest minds in the industry on our panel. Not only we have project IT specialists but also have other core professionals in our team to understand your needs better, be it from Engineering, Accountancy, Telecommunications or Forestry.

Services We Offer

Web Design


Ascii Systems Inc. specializes in building online ventures -- new startups and strategic initiatives that are born on the Web.

Web Hostings


Web Hosting is the act of renting space and bandwidth through a company so that you may publish your web site online.

Software Developments


Our team of qualified specialists have many years of experience in software development. We are focused on delivering high-quality services to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization


Seo, Link Building, Kyword analysis, Directory Submission, Off-Page, On-Page

Content Development


Article and Content Writring